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Artisan Vapor & CBD Firewheel

Your One-stop Shop For All Things Vaping And CBD


Artisan Vapor & CBD Firewheel


305 River Fern Ave #1128
Garland TX 75040
United States


(972) 495-4995

Artisan Vapor & CBD Firewheel, a leading vape shop, smokeshop, and CBD store, offers vaping products, CBD oil products, smoking products, kratom products, CBD flower, CBD oil, CBD product, CBD oil, CBD flowers, vape juices, vape pens. We also sell disposable vapes, disposable vapes as well as vaping hardware. Our extensive range of hemp-based merchandise includes edible gummies, oils, tinctures, gel caps, beauty products and pet supplies. At every Artisan location, certified coaches are available to help, whether you want to quit smoking, use a new beauty product, or just experience what researchers believe to be helpful for anxiety and pain. We strive to be the best vape shop, smoke shop & CBD store in the Garland, TX area.


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